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Combo Heat Press (8-In-1)

Combo Heat Press (8-In-1)

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Voltage: 110, /220V or bivolt

Size: 530x470x470 mm

Power: 200W, 280W, 320W, 1250W

Max temperature: 0-220 ºC

Time range: 0s-800s

Heater Sizes: 

  • φ5-7.5cm for 5-10oz Straight-Shaped Mugs
  • φ7.5-9cm for 11-22oz Straight-Shaped Mugs
  • φ9*H9.8cm for 12oz Cone-Shaped Latte Mug
  • φ8.8*H14.9cm for 17oz Cone-Shaped Latte Mug
  • φ12cm for 7.5" Plate
  • φ15cm for 10" Plate
  • 30*38cm for Flat
  • 14*8.5cm for Cap
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