About Us

Company Profile

Chem Tech Graphic Supplies is a business unit of Chemical and Technical Suppliers I.O. Ltd., founded in 1983.

We provide graphic solutions and have been passionately active in this field from non-computer assisted times to the actual digital era.

We sharpened our expertise for over 37 years and our input in the Mauritian graphic industry has been omnipresent in many visual concepts, whether advertising, textile, decoration or architectural.

We believe that we have managed to hold our position by being attentive to ever evolving market needs and by consistently delivering adequate and affordable quality.

Our hardware programme ranges from digital equipment to consumables, commonly used in digital and sign applications; we thereby responsibly represent reputed international brands such as Avery Dennison, Star Flex, Siser, LBYLED, UB Acrylic and many more.

Our services include consultancy on visual concepts, free advice on optimisation of use of our products, tutoring on operation and maintenance of digital equipment and deliveries.7